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, contrary to earlier reports, there were no other unexploded devices at the scene. nbc news is also reporting that officials are studying surveillance video and have focused on one piece of tape showing an unidentified person carrying two back pacs. too early to know if it may be related to the blasts. overnight, law enforcement officials searched an apartment in northern boston massachusetts, police could be seen removing things from the residence, but nothing of interest was found. the home belonged to a 20-year-old man here on a student visa who sustained burns and was seen running from the blast. a senior law enforcement cautioned nbc news that the man is not a suspect and the interest in him is fading. >>> internet chatter has been ruled out. one terrorist group, the pakistani taliban, behind the failed times square bombing of 2010 have told police it is not responsible. and police are on the lookout for a man seen leaving the scene in a dark piece of clothing and a rental truck scene attempting to entry the area near the finish line. msnbc contributor joy reid and joining us f
combing the scene for pieces of evidence in an effort to put the bombs back together. nbc news chief justice correspondent pete williams has the very latest. >> reporter: investigators have begun the process of recovering tiny pieces of the bombs to learn how they were made. they say it appears the devices were assembled inside pressure cooker pots similar to this one, packed with bbs, ball bearings and nails. pressure cookers have been used for decades in terror bombings. instructions for making them appear on the internet, including just last month in an al qaeda magazine "inspire." investigators say the explosion in boston was smokeless powder, gunpowder like this available at sporting goods stores, not something more powerful like dynamite. and they believed they were carried in the scene in dark nylon bags and set off by timers. the area was checked twice for bombs but there was no security screening. >> because there is unrestricted access to the racecourse, simply because it's 28 miles long, people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> reporter: authorities searched t
on september 11th, nearly 12 years ago. michael leiter is an nbc news national security analyst. he's the former director of the national counterterrorism center in washington. michael, thanks for joining us. where i'm sitting is about four blocks from the crime scene. but on a area about a block away is being treated as a crime scene. i'm sure investigators have been working into the night and will be working around the clock. what are the first things they're looking for, michael? >> good morning, chris. they're going to do a number of things simultaneously. as you referenced, right around the scene, they're going to secure a fairly wide area. they have to get as much evidence as they can from the actual bomb blast. that's important to understand the type of explosives that were used, how they were detonated. and then, that can be compared against past similar explosions. to try to determine who is responsible. second, they're going to be talking to enormous number of people in the area. what did they see in they're going to be collecting videotape. and all that will be combined w
investigative correspondent for nbc news. with me here in the studio is nbc news terrorism expert michael leiter. former director of the national counterterrorism center. thank you both for joining me. michael isikoff, let me go to you first. "the boston globe" is reporting that officials have recovered a second -- from the scene of the exploexs. what is your take on that? >> well, the fbi would not confirm that at the briefing we just had. they did confirm there are two devices, both in black nylon bags. search -- pressure cooker bombs. one point that i thought was quite interesting that fbi special agent in charge deloria made, these are heavy bombs. two heavy bombs in black nylon bags at two locations about 75 to 100 yards away from each other that were set off within 12 seconds. it remains an open question whether that could have been done by one perpetrator or more than one to have placed those two bags within a short period of time in this open, crowded area and not be noticed. it does raise questions whether one person could have pulled that off. i should tell you that a couple of other p
to air, nbc news was careful and deliberate. >> what we've been told by several sources, there is no arrest. >> all of a sudden, the story on some other networks began to change. look at the banners on the bottom of the screen. they began rolling it back. >> a third top federal law enforcement official is saying to us now, that makes three, no arrests have been made. >> there's been no arrest and, in fact, a suspect has not been identified by name yet. >> significant progress has been made but no arrest. anyone who says an arrest is ahead of themselves. >> a reporting error in a painful situation is bad enough. especially with victims and families and so much of the court eagerly waiting to see who will be brought to justice for the murders in boston. still, mistakes do happen and we all understand that. but there was another part of this failure that deeply troubled me. it was what the cnn reporter john king said when he was describing the person supposedly under arrest. >> i want to be careful about this because people get very sensitive when you say these things. i wa
. and for the very latest on the investigation, we're joined now by nbc news justice correspondent pete williams from washington. so, pete, the very latest on the pressure cooker scenario that you're hearing? >> right. as you say, used for decades in terms of building bombs, so that's not going to be an area of inquiry that will immediately lead them in a certain direction, because the instructions, unfortunately, for making these devices are all over internet. just last month, the al qaeda online magazine "inspire" repeated an article that showed how to build pressure cooker bombs. so they've been out there for a long time. the part, the components of this device appear not to be very fancy. in addition to that, there were shrapnel, ball bearings, bbs, from the sound of the doctors you heard at the beginning of your program, apparently nails as well. and then for the explosive basically gun powder, smokeless powder that's commonly available in sporting goods stores. so all these pieces are easily available. some kind of timer as well. then placed in black sacks and put in two different spots. so wha
investigators from his hospital bed. let's bring in nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> well, let's talk about when, if we know, investigators think they might be able to talk to dzhokhar tsarnaev and when that happens who would be doing it? >> well, they said last night that he was in serious condition in the hospital, significant blood loss from the wound that he suffered in his shootout with the police in watertown on thursday night. although we did get indications later that he was doing better. they'll want to start questioning him the moment they can possibly do so, and it will be at first a specialized team. these teams were set up in the last couple of years to handle situations exactly like this. it's called a high-value detainee interrogation group. it's made up of the fbi, cia, and dod, and they will go in there and question him. they won't give him his miranda warning about his right to remain silent. they will simply use a federal law, a rule, that says when there's an issue of public safety, they can use an exception to t
in roger, a long-time nbc news terrorism analyst and, roger, what you're seeing unfolding. try to sort of bring viewers in. we're seeing they believe they know where one individual is. there is a concern, they locked down all of boston because they seem to have some vague concerns and not quite sharing with us what they are, vague concerns. walk us through what is going on. >> it's remarkable and surreal at the same time. what you're seeing is two things. the media pursuit of the second individual and then the broader concern that there may be one, if not more associated in one way, shape or form. we use the term abundance of caution and what law enforcement does and that's another, this is another example of that. but remarkable, as willie has said. remarkable the city of boston locked down the way it is. >> on one hand law enforcement pursuing this, the younger brother here. trying to make sure busten is sa safe. on the other hand, we know these two young men are. we know their nationalities and learning some things. what is the intel community doing and what kind of international he
me now, nbc news justin correspondent pete williams and michael leiter. pete, ha have you learn about the bombs themselves? >> well, what we're told by authorities, andrea, is that they're crudely made. they appear to have been assembled inside a pressure cooker. it may be some of our younger viewers don't know what that is, but in the olden days when you wanted to make something tender, you put it in this pot with a tight lid on it. and the steam wouldn't escape and you could build up pressure and things cook faster in them. the premicrowave days. inside a pot like this, a pressure cooker is assembled the device. it includes a low-power explosive. something like black or smokeless powder, gun powder, if you will. not a high explosive like dynamite or a plastic explosive or the common tatp, which seems to be the one of voice of terrorists when they build bombs, terror bombs overseas. so it's crudely made, it's set off they believe by some kind of electronic timer. it's carried to the scene, they believe, in some kind of back pack and then just set down before the devices go off. unfor
. as always, the voice of reason here at the family of nbc networks. thank you, sir. >> okay. >>> we are following an incredible amount of breaking news this morning. emergency crews are searching through the rubble in texas trying to find survivors from that massive fertilizer plant explosion. we expect to hear from officials there in texas and in fact we have that right now. instead of going to break, brwel bring you this press conference right now. >> my speaking up is about this. all i can tell you is good luck. >> 30 seconds out. we'll ask you not to step up. >> we are waiting now for a briefing here in west, texas, from authorities. as you can see they're doing mike test here to give us an update on exactly what's going on. a massive fertilizer plant. a fire started. firefighters were fighting it and then the explosion as that was happening. here's the briefing. >> bear with me on my voice. i'll talk the best i can and give you as much as i can but you're going to have to bear with me. if we get to the point of asking questions towards the end of this again, please speak loudly
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)